The Legend of La Diablesse

Beware La Diablesse … glimpsed only by the light of the moon, she will entice and captivate any who cross her path… A seductive, mythical temptress from Caribbean folklore she is a powerful symbol of female empowerment.

Our Story

Whilst on the hunt for something new to drink, rum had always been a firm favourite but we found it was still so dominated by the same old masculine themes (cue pirates & hula girls) and the flavours, though delicious, seemed a bit unimaginative … and so the idea for Diablesse Rum was born.

So where to start? The most logical place for this amazing mission had to be the Caribbean, the birthplace of rum and home to some of the best distilleries in the world.

We tasted, sipped & sampled some of the very best rums in the world, a great privilege and an even greater learning curve. A busy year followed, experimenting with many blends and new flavours, and after a great deal of trial & error (a great deal!) our very first bottlings were introduced to the world in January 2019. Such an incredibly proud moment! 2022 saw another new arrival and so our journey continues…

We are proud to be the first solely female owned rum brand in the UK: fiercely independent, we are on a mission to bring exciting, undiscovered flavours featuring the best Caribbean rums to everyoneeverywhere.